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Well it’s December which means it’s Christmas time. I usually feel really generous during Christmas and yeah.

Since I am a multi fandom blog I’m just going to give a certain amount of money that you’re allowed to spend basically.

Since it’s Christmas I decided that 100 dollars seems like a good amount to spend. (This does not include shipping.)

What’ll happen is is that you’ll tell me what you want and I’ll buy it for you yada yada yada.

So basically you can ask me for whatever and I’ll get it for you.

Want something from the cartoon network store?Alright, I’ll buy it for you!

Want something kawaii as fuck?Well just tell me what you want and I’ll get it for you.

You want some clothes?Just tell me your size and that’ll be out to you.

Your parents won’t get you contacts?Don’t worry, I will.

You can’t afford a wig?Hot damn! I’ll probably get it for you then.

Want a motherfucking game?Shit son, tell me what it is and I’ll send it out to you. (Just know if you want it for a console or something I’ll just order the game from Besty Buy or Gamestop or something and I’ll have them deliver it to you. And if you want it for PC then I’ll just buy it on Steam and what not.)

You can get something from etsy. You can have me fund a kickstarter. Get something from ThinkGeek! I love ThinkGeek so. Even Jinx. You can have whatever as long as it doesn’t exceed 100 dollars.

Alright so RULES.



Okay not really.

  • I really don’t give a shit how many times you reblog this, just remember that your followers might.
  • Likes count.
  • You don’t really have to follow me, this is really just for Christmas so it’s honestly your choice!
  • Be comfortable with giving me your address, please. I mean how else am I going to send you this stuff.

There will be a second place winner and they will be aloud to spend about 50 dollars.

Oh and in case I haven’t mentioned this both winners will be getting SBaHJ (Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff for you losers who don’t know about these cool kids) magnets.


Okay if you don’t want the magnets it’s okay. Just tell me and I won’t order them for you.

Also a twenty five dollar Starbucks gift card will be added to both winners!

So that’s everything!

May the odds be ever in your favor! And Happy Holidays! c:


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getting someone into homestuck


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- Me: : I have anxiety
- What most people think I have: : I'm shy and can't talk to people. I'm awwwwkwaaaard.
- What I actually mean: : I have full blown panic attacks which include heart palpitations, breathing problems, shaking, sweating and constant fear that I'm going to die when faced with situations I find uncomfortable.
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my favorite thing about kermit the frog is that sometimes he makes this face


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So if I’ve been paying attention to Tumblr correctly, it goes something like this…

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are we just going to ignore how literally terrifying this scene was from the spongebob movie

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sollux and kk spending some quality time together (aka RAGE QUITTING vs being a 2mug ba2tard).

i might colour this later but probably not soon so i’m posting it as it is. just in case.

part of the process for this picture is saved here.

many details suck because i’m lazy, yeah!

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I’m ISFJ. What are you?


INTJ all the way to the right

I’m a toss up between ISFP and INFP. I’ve taken a fair few tests and I always get one or the other, with the other as a close second. Reading this I can see why hahaha, most of the things on both lists apply to me. So I suppose I am an artistic dreamer, or a dreaming artist.


what a neat chart for this wow

ENFP over here uwu

ENFP seems to be a popular one :o

i really shift in between on most of these except j god damn i am a j




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Does anyone else remember these little shorts about the man and woman that symbolized hands on Nick Jr? The watercolor one was always my favorite and then the planting one.

Also, I found a full video of them on Youtube (x)

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Babies~ <3 <3

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